Decorate around your blinds

decorWhen decorating, most people paint around the blind track without realising how easy it is to take this off and making decorating so much easier. The guide below shows you how to take down a Vertical, Venetian and Roller blind for decorating or cleaning purposes.


  • Unhook the louvres and lay flat.

Top fix brackets

  • Locate the two or three brackets, there will be one near each end of the track and if long enough one in the middle. At the back of the track you will see the back of the brackets (see photograph).
  • Push on these spring clips and the track will release. To return the track, just push back into the brackets.

Face fix brackets

  • Simply unscrew the grub screw on the end of the “L” bracket.


  • The blind may have a pelmet covering the headail and brackets; this is normally fixed by either hooks or Velcro. Carefully remove the pelmet in the first instance.
  •   It will be easier for you to remove the blind, if the slats are in the pulled up position and secured with string / elastic bands.
  • The most common ways to fix a venetian blind is either with a “box” bracket or a “swivel” bracket

Box bracket

  • The box bracket, will be found at each end of the track, it generally has either a flap that folds down and clips home or a plate that slides across, to secure the blind in position. Find the plate or clip and push in the opposite position.

Swivel brackets 

  • With a swivel bracket invariably the only thing that is visible is the end of the swivel arm, found at intervals along the track. Prize this free from the headrail with a flat bladed screwdriver and using a pair of long nosed pliers turn the arm horizontally through 90 degrees. The blind should now roll forward out of the brackets.


  • There are many designs of Roller Blind brackets. It is most common for one end of the blind to fit into a slot and have a sidewinder control mechanism whilst the other end has a pin, which may be sprung loaded. To remove the blind lift up the slotted end first and push against the pin end, the blind should now clear the brackets.

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