Roller Blinds

The beauty of a Roller Blind is that from a huge selection of fabrics design, finishing shapes, poles, braids, finals and pulls, you design your own blind, to complement your interior design.

There are two ways your Roller blind can operate,
By a side winder control, pulling the control chain lowers or raises your blind, you choose whether you would like your control on the right or left.
By spring pull, gently pull the blind outwards to release the tension and allow the blind to move freely to the desired height and release the pull cord.

The Roller blind has some popular specialist use, black out Roller Blinds for a child’s or shift workers bedroom ensure the occupant can sleep well, when the sun has risen

The Roller blind fabrics are available in a huge range of fabrics, ranging from the traditional to the modern in many colours and designs. This includes black out and dim out fabrics, some fabrics have a “stay fresh” coating which inhibits mildew, most fabrics are sponge washable and some fire retardant. Many of our Roller fabrics have coordinating Vertical fabrics.

You need to be confident that your Blinds will not fade; our Blinds conform to the British standards for colourfastness.

Roller Blinds are a perfect solution for some who do not require the privacy aspect.

Child Safety

Blinds Man Bluff ensure that all blinds have been have been manufactured and installed in compliance with the child safety requirements of EN 13120 and the “make it safe” campaign.