Venetian Blinds

A Venetian Blind is a versatile blind as it gives you the ability to angle the slats for privacy or solar control.

The Venetian works with two controls a cord which you pull down on to adjust the height of the blind and a wand or cord which angle the Blinds slats.

Venetian Blinds are manufactured predominantly in two materials, aluminium and wood.
Aluminium Venetians can be manufactured in a large range of colours, or a wood effect, and depending on your choice of colour, the slat size can vary between 16mm 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. The smaller slat sizes are used in innovative products designed to over come the problems associated with  tilt and turn windows and French doors that open inwards. Perfect fit, Intu and Iso are all designs of Blinds that move with the window or door.

Aluminium Venetians do get dusty quickly, as each slat acts as a shelf.

The range of Wooden Venetians has grown over the last few years as this blind has become more popular. Ordered more popularly in the 50mm slat, displaying the wood grain to its best and for easier cleaning, it is also available in 25mm and 35mm. We have a huge range of woods to choose from.

Wooden Venetians are not recommended for conservatories as the extremes of temperature and moisture can cause your Blinds to warp.

Child Safety

Blinds Man Bluff ensure that all blinds have been have been manufactured and installed in compliance with the child safety requirements of EN 13120 and the “make it safe” campaign.