Venrtical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are one of the most versatile blind designs. Generally there are two controls that operate a Vertical blind, a chain control, to angle the louvres and the cord control, to open and close the Blind. There is also a mono control that both pulls your blind and twists to angle the louvres, this design eliminates the need for hanging controls, therefore improving child safety.

Being able to control the angle of the louvres ensures you can control the amount of privacy you require and prevent sun damage to carpets, fabrics and furnishings; you also have the ability to fully open the Blinds for ease of cleaning. You can choose whether to open your fabrics from the centre, or pull the fabrics to the left or right, although this is often determined by how your windows are configured.

It is useful to note that with a Vertical Blind you do loose the use of your window ledges, in kitchens, bathrooms and some conservatories this can be very important to recognise

Vertical Blinds are available in a huge range of fabrics, ranging from the traditional to the modern in many colours and designs. This includes black out and dim out fabrics, some fabrics have a “stay fresh” coating which inhibits mildew and some fabrics are machine washable, some fire retardant. Many of our Vertical fabrics have coordinating Roller fabrics.

You need to be confident that your Blinds will not fade; our Blinds conform to the British standards for colourfastness.

Vertical Blinds are available also in PVC.

Tracks to your Vertical Blinds are available in White, Platinum, Brown, Gold and Black.

Child Safety

Blinds Man Bluff ensure that all blinds have been have been manufactured and installed in compliance with the child safety requirements of EN 13120 and the “make it safe” campaign.